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Type B PRA in Miniature Schnauzers

Progressive Retinal Atrophies (PRAs) form a large group of inherited diseases that are a major cause of blindness among multiple dog breeds. PRA-affected dogs typically show a similar sequence of clinical abnormalities in the course of the disease: night blindness followed by progressive loss of day vision and eventual blindness under all light conditions. Routine eye exams reveal the progressive thinning due to degeneration or “atrophy” of the retina, hence the name given to the disease.

Although they share the same name of “PRA”, there are several known -- and also many more unknown/uncharacterized-- genetic abnormalities (mutations) that cause PRA in dogs. For many years, OptiGen has provided a DNA test, “Type A PRA”, that is able to detect one form of this disease. Through OptiGen’s Free DNA Testing/PRA Research program, in which we have tested dozens of pedigreed miniature schnauzers that have been diagnosed by veterinary ophthalmologists as having PRA, we have determined that the Type A form of PRA is very rare in the breed. None of these PRA cases (in recent years) have been due to the Type A PRA mutation. These new cases formed the basis of our research aimed at identifying other genes and mutations responsible for PRA in the breed.

Type B PRA Risk Variant

In collaboration with Drs. Doreen Becker and Gus Aguirre at the University of Pennsylvania, OptiGen’s R&D scientists, have discovered a new genetic variant that explains a large portion of PRA cases in the Miniature Schnauzer. Based on that discovery, OptiGen now offers a genetic test called Type B PRA test for Miniature Schnauzers. This DNA test is able to identify dogs that carry zero, one or two copies of the Type B PRA risk variant. The results of this test are intended to assist breeders when selecting the breeding pairs in order to prevent matings that would result in Type B PRA-affected puppies.

Test results for Type B PRA are reported as:

  • Homozygous wild type/Clear: the dog carries NO copies of the risk variant; will not develop Type B PRA
  • Heterozygous/Carrier: the dog carries ONE copy of the risk variant; will not develop Type B PRA
  • Homozygous Risk Variant: the dog carries TWO copies of the risk variant; at high risk of developing Type B PRA

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Usual turnaround time: 28 business days
1 test price: 115.00 $ without VAT