Genealogical DNA-tests

One of the ways to approach genealogy is leading via DNA examination. The uniqueness of human beings is given by an unbelievable variability of the human DNA. Nevertheless, there are conserved (unchanged) regions in DNA bearing information that have been unchanged throughout many generations. These regions occur among others in Y-chromosomal DNA (Y-DNA) and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). Y-DNA is transferred from father to son and by genetic analysis of the conserved regions for Y-DNA it is possible to find out the origin, history and common ancestors of the given paternal line. The mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is transferred from mother to daughter. It is inherited by both sons and daughters, but only daughters are able to pass it on to their children. By the mtDNA analysis it is possible to determine the maternal line a person belongs to. The genealogical test provides information about maternal and paternal lines only, test does not provide information about the ethnicity of the tested person.

Thanks to developed analytical methods of DNA-analysis, the genealogic tests of DNA are able to determine specific markers (features) bearing information about the genealogical ancestry of each person. For the DNA-analysis we need a buccal swab of the relevant person.

Maternal line

On the basis of the analysis of conserved regions of mitochondrial DNA, everyone alive on the planet today can trace their maternal ancestry back to just one woman, the common genetic foremother Eve, who lived approximately 80 thousand years ago. The mitochondrial DNA is passed from mother and is inherited by both sons and daughters, but only daughters are able to pass this mtDNA on to their children.

Paternal line

Every man alive today can trace his origins to one common genetic forefather Adam who lived in East Africa about 80 thousand years ago. The descendants of this one common ancestor left East Africa over time and migrated around the world.

Practical information

How to order

You can order the test kit for genealogical DNA test on-line through our price list, via e-mail or by phone +420 373 749 999.

The content of the test kit for genealogical DNA test

As soon as you have placed an order, you will receive an order confirmation and information about the kit and test payments. After receipt of your payments, the test kit will be sent to you containing:

  • Two brushes for cheek swabs
  • Letter and instructions how to collect the sample
  • Long specimen envelop for placing both brushes
  • Air cushion envelope with return address
  • Informed consent with the genetic analysis (must be completed by the person, the swab was taken from!)
  • The ordering form with information about the type of the test ordered and a sample code; this form does not contain the price of the tests ordered and can be used as a part of the gift.
  • Gift box - against a fee

How to pay for the test?

You can pay for the ordered genealogical test by:

Acceptance Mark

  • Wire transfer in EUR, IBAN: CZ74 2010 0000 0028 0012 1619, Bank: FIO Banka
  • PayPal payment
  • Credit card Visa, Visa Electron EC-MC, Maestro and other (via PayPal)

How to collect and send the sample

You will receive the instructions for taking a mouth swab for DNA test together with the DNA collection kit. The electronic version of these instructions is available here. Send the return envelope to the address of our laboratory:

Genomia s.r.o.
Janackova 51
32300 Plzen
Czech Republic

Test result

We will send you the test results within two weeks since receipt of your sample in our laboratory. The results are sent to the address of person, whose DNA sample was analysed. The test results are in English. The letter includes:

  • Certificate with information about the determined haplotype and a statement of markers identified
  • Reports containing detailed information about the determined haplogroup. You will learn about the origin of your ancestors and where they lived and moved incl. maps. The historical background described in the enclosures to this report is not the subject of this genealogic test and is considered as complementary information and inspiration. There are many historical explanations, approaches and sources and some of them may differ from the explanations stated in these enclosures.
  • Information about public databases dealing with determination of haplogroups.

DNA-test as a gift


If you wish to please your close friend or relative with an original present, the genealogic DNA tests are the solution.

You can place the order simply in your name, choose the test and as soon as we receive the payment we will sent you the DNA collection kit with necessary instructions incl. gift box. You have to place the DNA collection kit together with instructions how to collect the buccal swab, the informed consent, the specimen envelope and the return envelope into the gift box. The recipient of the gift shall send the sample with the completed informed consent and the assigned number of the prepaid test order to the address of our laboratory. The test result will be sent to the recipient to the address stated in the informed consent.

Price list Paternal lineages Paternal lineages+ Maternal lineages Maternal lineages+ Combination for men Combination for men+
The test is suitable for men only men only men and women men and women men only men only
Y-DNA test (12 markers) Yes Yes
Y-DNA test (23 markers) Yes Yes
mtDNA test (HVR1) Yes Yes Yes Yes
mtDNA test (HVR2) Yes Yes
Test report Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
History of haplogroups Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Certificate Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gift box included included included included included included
EU Postage included included included included included included
Price 112.00 € 160.00 € 112.00 € 160.00 € 188.00 € 245.00 €

Quality Certificate

Genomia laboratory has successfully passed external quality audits concerning the determination of Y-STR markers and Mt mutations organized by GEDNAP (German DNA profiling, IFG Institut für Forensische Genetik GmbH).