How can I place an order for a genetic test?

The test can be ordered online on our website. In the required section (dogs/cats/horses/birds…), select the type of the genetic test and place the order. You can also place the order by sending an e-mail to laborator@genomia.cz. If you do not want to order the test online, complete the Submission and Test Form for each sample to be tested. You can download this form in the section Information for customers – Download Forms.

Who can order the tests?

The laboratory accepts orders from any country in the world.

How to complete the online order form?

Select the required test and fill in the animal data. If you do not know any of the identification data of the animal, let the box empty. Then, fill in the method of sample collection or order the sample collection kits. Further select the method of sending the test report with the test result and the method of payment. You will receive a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours.

I would like to order several tests? Have I to submit a separate sample for each test?

No, you have not. One blood sample or two swabs from oral mucosa will usually be sufficient for all tests ordered.

Can I deliver the samples to the laboratory in person?

Yes, you can bring the samples personally every working day from 8-16 hours. Outside these hours, you can place the samples into a secured box at the laboratory entrance. However, we also recommend ordering the testing by phone on +420 373 749 999 or +420 373 317 478.

Can I have the samples collected directly in the laboratory?

Yes, you can. In the laboratory, it is possible to make buccal swabs and collect the feathers. However, taking blood samples is not possible. The laboratory checks and confirms the identity of the individuals from which samples were collected. Please, make an appointment for sample collection by calling +420 373 749 999 or +420 373 317 478.

I want you to send me the sampling kits, is it possible?

Yes, while online ordering you can also request a sampling kit (blood tubes or cheek swabs). Sampling kits can be also ordered by email or phone or online at http://dnakit.eu/. Sampling kits will be send to your address. Price for shipment is 8 EUR - and it does not matter how many kits are included in the package. Tubes for blood are usually available at the doctor. It is not necessary to order them in the lab.

Genetic testing in general

Can I collect samples from a pregnant female?

Yes, of course. Pregnancy does not effect the results of genetic tests.

What is the best age of the animal for performing a genetic test?

Tests can be performed at any age. The result is valid for entire life of the subject. The only limitation is the sampling of mucosa cells in the nursing pups (see cheek swabs instructions).

Could some medication affect the result of a genetic test?

Taking drugs does not influence the test results. In exceptional cases it may happen that the analysis will be inhibited by the presence of the drug and would not be possible to complete it.

Is it necessary to test an animal that is offspring of healthy individuals?

Generally, the mutations can arise de novo. This means that the hereditary disease can occur in an individual, who has no genetic disease in family history.

Paying for the tests

How can I pay for the tests?

You can pay by credit card (via pay-pal service – we will send you paypal money request) or by bank transfer.

Should I pay for tests before I get the results?

Yes, the test will be performed after delivering of the sample to the lab. We will tell you test results after we receive your payment. After the sample arrives to the lab, it is not possible to cancel the analysis because the first part of the analysis starts immediatelly after arrival. In the case it is not possible to perform the test because of sample quality, we will ask you for a new sample and we will perform new analysis again with no additional charge or we will refund you your money. For details see https://genomia.cz/en/terms_conditions/

When can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order before sending samples to our lab. Tests cannot be canceled after delivering of samples to the laboratory. The first step of analysis (DNA isolation) is initiated at the day of delivery. Canceling fee is 16 Eur incl.VAT (13.22 Eur without VAT / 15 USD for outside EU customers). For details see https://genomia.cz/en/terms_conditions/

Collecting of the samples

From which biological materials the test can be done?

Genomia performs tests from:

  • cheek swabs
  • blood
  • horsehair
  • feathers
  • eggshelll membranes
  • blood spots
  • cut tails - inform about sampling procedure
  • variable mucosal swabs for pathogen detection - see details at https://genomia.cz/en/pathogens/

Can I swab nursed kittens or puppies?

Swab kittens or puppies about 30 minutes after last nursing to avoid sample contamination with mother's cells! It is better to feed the young ones with normal food and then wait for about 20 minutes without eating and drinking.

Should I fill in a Sampling Confirmation Form?

We generally do not require Sampling Confirmation Form to be filled for testing in our lab. Anyway, it is not possible to file a complaint for results of samples that were taken without identity confirmation. Some kennel clubs insist on the sampling confirmation. If the club requires a confirmation from the vet, you can download the form - this form should be completed by a veterinarian, who performs the sampling. Send us this filled form and confirmation will be included in your result report.

What is a confirmed sample collection?

The fact that the identity of the animal was confirmed by an independent person or an authority (e.g. a vet or a laboratory) before a sample was taken is stated in the test report with the test results.

Why it is good to have the sample collection confirmed?

Breeding organisation may require confirmed sample collection. The test report with test results with missing confirmation of sample collection may not be acknowledged by a breeding organisation.

How can you obtain a confirmed sample collection?

The confirmed sample collection will be stated in the test report provided the sample was delivered to the laboratory together with a completed sample collection form (or other suitable form). The properly completed form of confirmed sample collection shall contain the identification of the animal, in particular its full name, breed, identification data - microchip number or tattoo, leg band number for birds and the signature and stamp of the veterinarian. The animal identification is most often verified via microchip (scanner) or a tattoo (visually), a leg band number for birds, etc.

How should I send swab samples to your laboratory?

Use two cheek swabs for one animal and perform the sampling with both swabs. Put dried cheek swabs with biological material into a clean envelope, which is marked with clear identification of the sample (animal). If you made an online order, there is already a sample number for each animal in your order confirmation e-mail. Seal the envelope. Do not put swabs back into plastic cover. Put envelopes with swabs into a bubble envelope and send it by post.

How should I send blood samples to your laboratory?

Make sure that the tube cannot be broken (wrap the tube in a paper towel). Each wrapped tube put into a clean plastic bag. Put all in a bubble envelope and send by post.

How should I send horsehair or feathers to your laboratory?

Put horsehair or bird feathers into a clean paper envelope with a clear identification of sample. If you made online order, there is already a sample number for each animal in your order confirmation e-mail. Send sample by post.

How should I send eggshells to your laboratory?

You should dry the eggshells in the air at room temperature, then put dried eggshells into a small box and make sure that it cannot be totally broken (wrap into a paper towel, cotton, etc.). Each shell must be clearly marked. Send sample by post.

Can I store a blood sample in a freezer?

Yes, it is possible to store frozen blood. Be carefull, thawing should be slow!

What happens if you are not able to isolate enough DNA from the biological material, which I have sent to your lab?

At our expense we will send you a new sampling kit and we will perform the analysis again.

Reporting results

Does your laboratory provide results reports?

Yes. Our result reports are in accordance with ISO 17025 for testing laboratories.

Are the results published somewhere? Who can know the results?

Identification of tested samples or the results are not fundamentally published or disclosed to third parties; only the customer, who ordered the analysis, is informed about the test result. Laboratory staff are bound by a code of ethics and take all information about customer, sample and results as highly confidential.

How do I get the test result?

We will sent you the result report in PDF document by e-mail. This document contains all the necessary information about testing and result and is in accordance with ISO 17025. On your request, we can send you result report by post for a fee (currently 3.50 EUR per a package; not per a report).

I am not able to open PDF result report. What should I do?

To open the PDF file you need Acrobat Reader version 7 and higher.

What is the language of the result report?

All reports are in English.