Our services

Innovations in allergological testing - before every allergological test of dogs and cats, we now use a system to block the reaction of cross-allergies, thus reducing false positivity tests :-)

Our services

We perform genealogical DNA tests of maternal and paternal line.

Our allergology tests are now more accurate - they include a system for blocking specific IgE against cross-reactive CCDs. No more possible false positive results!

We test hereditary diseases, coat length and colors, presence of pathogens, genetic profile and parentage.

We provide more than 100 genetic tests for dogs. Novelties: SDCA1, JLPP, CMO, van den Ende-Gupta syndrom, CMO, Raine-syndrom.

We offer coat color test for horses - Tobiano, Overo, Sabino, Loci A, E a C.

We perform parentage tests in Macaw, Amazona and Hawks. We perform birds sexing tests. We detect the presence of pathogens, such as APV, PBFD and Chlamydophila psittaci.

Breed Identity Analysis