Price list Genomia sperm bank

Price list Genomia sperm bank

Sperm cryopreservation

price includes semen collection, analysis and evaluation of ejaculate and quality assessment of thawed sample (list of parameters: mobility, motility, concentration, morphology, macroscopic properties, membrane integrity, percentage of live spermatozoa, agglutination)

price includes DNA banking, collection of cells from a buccal swab

5900 Kč 239 €
semen storage, price per a year for one dog, per number 1-15 insemination doses (i.e from 4 € per a dose - there are usually about 10 doses from one donation) 1500 Kč 60 €
semen storage, price per a month for one dog, per number 1-15 insemination doses 200 Kč 8 €
analysis and evaluation of the ejaculate only (no cryopreservation) 1100 Kč 44 €

examination of herpes virus in the ejaculate by PCR method

840 Kč 34 €

examination of Chlamydophila spp. in ejaculate by PCR method

660 Kč 27 €
examination of brucellosis in ejaculate
dog DNA profile (ISAG) 800 Kč 32 €

sperm takeout from the sperm bank

200 Kč 8 €

All prices include VAT 21%.

We care about our customers and we prefer an individual approach to all of them. In case you have any question, do not hasitate to contact us and ask any questions regarding sperm cryoconservation. Call us or send us an email, and we will provide you with details about semen storage of your dog.

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