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Schultz, 3.1.2017

At the moment , it is perfect. Thank you

no name, 2.1.2017

I'm very satisfied your services. It is not the first genetic test but I know it isn't the last. The lab is very fast, reliable and fair.

no name, 2.1.2017

I have tried several different laboratories both in EU and outside and l think you are very quick and have a high level of service, l especially like the PayPal paying option and that l do it when l send the tests in and not in advance and that my VAT can be deduced when purchasing. So in my opinion everything is already good!

no name, 21.12.2016

Thank you for such quick lab results! So glad we found your lab.

Liz Bradborn. 13.12.2016

Hi, I was very impressed with how easy it is it input data in to your website to order tests, and also the speed at which the tests were carried out. The pricing is extremely competitive and the service is as good as I could have hoped for. Before using you I have always used Laboklin as I'm based in the UK, and I was cautious sending the samples abroad for testing, but you charge approximately half of what they do and you have provided a perfect service. I have been very pleasantly surprised & I will certainly be using you again, and recommending you. Thanks again.

no name, 24.11.2016

Very happy with the easy of ordering and speed of results. Quality service offered.

Weronika, 3.11.2016

sample + payment - very clear , service - very fast and friendly laboratory staff

Ellen Balk, 3.11.2016

Service is the best!

Leanne Gerrard, 24.10.2016

Genomia services were fantastic, really quick and easy to do. Will definatley be recommending you , thanks again

Jay Johnson, 13.10.2016

I have had 6 of my Dogs tested so far, I am very satisfied with customer service, -Lucie is wonderful. We get our test back faster than we would doing them in our own County, Very Happy *

Sibylle Siegele, 6.10.2016

When I was putting my order thru the prices and the total that came up were not correct after I discharged one order (combination for ICT and PRA), but when I came to the payment section the total price was correct and I was able to continue the payment. Maybe you check this on your website. Besides that I was very satisfied with the service you provided and will recommend you to my breeder friends.

no name, 27.9.2016

The service is as good as it gets and I have used them all.

Casandra, 26.9.2016

Only be more clear when the consumer shall pay the fee for the test. I sorted it out trough email and got answers from there otherwise you are great!! Will recommend you!

Agnieszka, 26.9.2016

Not think it is possiblle all work very well ☺

Anette Fritzon, 26.9.2016

Very easy to order

Very easy to use

Very easy to make payment

Very quick answer

Thank you!!

(I work in the pharmaceutical industry and know about quality assurance and sampling, testing and reporting with traceability)

Sarina, 13.9.2016

Its perfect.

Madeline Knight, 12.9.2016

I am unable to suggest any improvements to your service, as I am totally satisfied.

Keren Mintz, 6.9.2016

You did great impression when we meet you in the WDS in Moscow and did even better when we have put our order and sent the things!
I wish more companies would learn from you ...... We will for sure recomend you to others and keep working with you when ever we would need
Would be happy to know if you have any genetic health test for salukis at the moment or the future. THANK YOU !!!!

No name, 10.8.2016

Couldn't be better.

Kirsten Klitsgaard, 28.7.2016

I Think your service is in top.

Pia Hansen, 24.7.2016

I think you service is the best, from I send you my sample to I resevide the answar there was only going 7 days, and there were a weekend between :-) And when I write to you, I got answar very quick :-) :-)

Irina, 5.7.2016

Really liked the work of Genome Laboratory. The friendly, professional staff. Fast production test results. We are pleased to once again appeal to the Genome !!!!!!

Rachea, 29.6.2016

I was very pleased that I found genomia for the health testing I required. Their prices are good, dealing with them simple and results via email quickly, efficiently and simplistic.

Ellen Balk, 1.6.2016

As always very satisfied!

Taly, 3.5.2016

I'm very satisfied and very good service Thank you ;)

Mrs Smeeeth, 13.4.2016

I have used genomia many times for my dogs health testing and have found it to be a fast and efficient company I recommend to all my breeder friends. Thank you agai.

Annelies van Steenbergen, 1.4.2016

No comments, happy with how everything went.

Jenna, 30.3.2016

Great service will definitely use again!!

Amy Ferrar, 23.3.2016

Great service will definitely use again!!

Lis, 22.2.2016

Your service is allready exellent.

Nina Kauhanen, 5.2.2016

Just start to test Adult Onset Neuropathy, for English Cockerspaniels, and I´m 100 % , that u have the best developed, and most effective laboratory.

Bente Michaelsen, 13.1.2016

I'm very satisfied with all Your Services.