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anonymously, 20.12.2023

Stay as you are, everything perfect.

anonymously, 9.12.2023

Great service, staff is helpful and results come with an explanation.

anonymously, 10.10.2023

Genomia is perfect 😍 Always the best service.

Elżbieta Brzezińska, 8.10.2023

Thank you, you are very good!

Roamanbay Basset Hounds, 2.10.2023

I cannot think of anything as the process was easy and expertly communicated throughout the process.

Pia Blomberg, 11.7.2023

A very PROFESSIONAL company!

anonymously, 5.6.2023

Works as expected, no suggestions for improvements. Thank you very much for your support. I am very satisfied with the result.

anonymously, 27.4.2023

The only improvement I can think of is to have a lab in the USA. ; )

Nathalie Lundberg , 17.4.2023

I am very pleased with both your costumers support and the whole process.

anonymously, 6.4.2023

Everything is perfect, thank you!

anonymously, 8.3.2023

I think you have the best service I can think of.

anonymously, 17.2.2023

Everything was perfectly professional!

anonymously, 19.1.2023

I want to thank for excellent service. I was able to re-manage my order with your guidance and my questions via email was replied quickly. I will definately recommend your services.

anonymously, 11.11.2022

My first meet with Genomia and I am super satisfied.

Kathrin Kaiser, 9.11.2022

Your service is great! No need to change anything!

Carina Sachade, 4.11.2022

It was my first contact with Genomia an I-m a very satisfied customer! very quick respons! Perfect! thanks for your help!

Vera Sabin, 24.10.2022

I’m fully satisfied.

Jo Parkes, 21.10.2022

I have used this service several times for DNA testing of my Lesser Tenrecs. I cannot fault this service whatsoever. Very efficient and a quick response. Friendly, speedy responses when I’ve had to query something. Keep up the good work.

anonymously, 30.8.2022

Very efficient, friendly and professional communication.

Eugen, 9.8.2022

No complaints whatsoever. I would - and I will - ask for your services again for my dogs. Thank you!

anonymously, 19.7.2022

I think everything is perfect, I am fully satisfied, I do not think it is something to add to your services.

anonymously, 18.7.2022

Given that the sample comes from the United States all the way to you in the Czech Republic, I can't think of a way to further expedite the process, but waiting for the results is the most difficult part. I wish you had a laboratory in this country, too.

Åsa Björkman, 13.5.2022

I don’t know if or how you can make your service even better. I’m so pleased.

anonymously, 6.4.2022

Ich bin schon lange Kunde bei Genomia und war immer sehr zufrieden. Schnell, zuverlässig, freundlich und genau. Vielen Dank

Clara, 4.4.2022

Very good services! We intend to cooperate always with Genomia.

Cynthia A Miller, 2.4.2022

Open a lab in the USA, one dna swab to test for all breed specific tests would be super helpful to have all information in one place instead of having to use different labs for different tests. (EX Basset Hounds: POAG, MPS1, Thrombopathia, Lafora).

Belinda Legge, 24.2.2022

Genomia is an amazing company. Great customer service and communication, not to mention the speedy turnaround for results. Wish other companies were like this.

Jeanette Omloo, 21.2.2022

It's good enough for me! Super!

anonymously, 14.2.2022

I wish you lab was closer!

anonymously, 14.2.2022

For me all works perfectly.

anonymously, 9.2.2022

I´m satisfied and have no idea at the moment.

anonymously, 28.1.2022

You are offering a lot of proffessional tests so it is already very good =)

Carolien van Beek, president ALAEU, 12.1.2022

"it is good as it is!"

anonymously, 7.12.2021

I only wish the lab was in America so it could be faster. I am very satisfied considering the distance.

Zuzanna, 19.10.2021

It's already perfect.

anonymously, 1.10.2021

The service of Genomia is already perfect!

anonymously, 16.9.2021

Genomia has always been very responsive. Any questions, they respond to the same or the next day. I can recommend them but wish, for ease, they would move to the USA!

anonymously, 15.9.2021

I was really impressed with the service provided. Thanks!

anonymously, 11.9.2021

it is already perfect

anonymously, 7.7.2021

Your service is the best service I had ever seen!

Jacqueline Reddin-Williams, 17.6.2021

I have been very pleased with the speed and efficiency of Genomia and will definitely yse them again and recommend them to fellow breeders here in France.

anonymously, 18.5.2021

Everyone is nice and the contact is very nice.

anonymously, 11.3.2021

Service was great. Had to reach out two times for information and they were always very attentive and responded quickly.

Bojana Bobic Gavrilovic DVM MSc, 5.3.2021

I really can't say that anything more is needed.....Genomia is professional, efficient and open for every question, team. Pleasure to cooperate with you. Thank you so much for your service.

anonymously, 22.2.2021

Very quick service - was happy with how quickly my questions were answered and the samples processed - very good all round.

anonymously, 18.2.2021

Sending my sample from the United States I thought that it would take a few months for the results. It was just a matter of weeks before the results were emailed to me!

Csertő Nóra, 11.2.2021

It is good. I haven't got any other ideas. Thanks again.

Kayleigh Hewitt, 9.2.2021

Great service and fast email replies to my questions. The results also arrived faster than expected. Very pleased.

anonymously, 6.2.2021

"Open a lab in Australia so we can get around the lengthy postal delays. :)

Thank you so much to Jana who has been SO helpful. Wonderful to have someone so willing to assist & provide advice. "

anonymously, 15.1.2021

You are perfect and I will send you more samples for testing our Tibetan Terriers.

Lena Tellberg, 8.1.2021

No need, everything was top notch.

Rhonda Telfer, 21.12.2020

I cannot find any fault. Keep up the great work. I think maybe because of the length of postage time, Genomia has processed my order VERY quickly. I thank you very much.

anonymously, 14.11.2020

Great service! Quick delivery and results. Thank you so much! I would recommend your service to everyone.

anonymously, 5.11.2020

It's perfect!!! I like that we get the results very fast and results on paper super!!!

anonymously, 29.10.2020

You do so well now I don’t see how you can be better.

anonymously, 27.10.2020

Printed instructions for mailing from USA. Your staff sent an email to me which gave helpful hints for filling out the form at the post office. It was a great help.

anonymously, 24.9.2020

Short term of research, very good contact with the client.

Ivana Filipov, 21.9.2020

"I am very satisfied instructions are precise, procedure is simple, service is fast, we will cooperate again"

Hortensia Stanescu, 1.9.2020

The services are quality and I don't think you have anything to improve.

anonymously, 21.7.2020

I think you are doing a nice work already! :)

anonymously, 9.7.2020

Im very pleased with everything.

anonymously, 19.6.2020

"Good communication with Genomia. A quick answer to your question. Quick test result. I am satisfied with the level of professional services in Gemomia."

Lučka Žabkar, 19.6.2020

"You are great, do not worry. Thank ou for your kind cooperation. I will come back to ou when another test needed. Kind regards"

anonymously, 3.6.2020

It would be very hard to improve your service - everything was exactly as it should be: helpful customer service, short time, results delivered on time with very useful and simple explanation what the result mean for my dog. Excellent customer experience on my side. Thank you.

Kayleigh Hewitt, 11.5.2020

Very fast response upon receiving my dogs sample to let me know it arrived and it was processed very quickly and I got the results in 6 working days. Very pleased. Thank you!

anonymously, 6.5.2020

I am very satisfied with Genomia. Anonymous, easy, fast and good prices!

Ingrid Stolzenbach, 5.5.2020

everything is perfect

W. Dittrich, 30.4.2020

Best Service !!!! TOP!!!!!!!!!!!

Karin Bisschops, 24.4.2020

Zoals gewoonlijk alles snel en correct afgehandeld! 👍👍

Sue Walker, 18.3.2020

Your turn around time is great our postal service in getting things not so much! I didn't comment on dealing with staff as Im O/S ...I like that you notify when you receive the swabs etc., its peace of mind that they got there!

Stuart Grout, 12.3.2020

"Very fast in answering e-mails and I am very happy with the service you provided. I will definitely be recommending you. Thank you Stuart."

SWReptiles and exotics, 25.2.2020

Things were smooth and great.

Gérard Gebus, 17.2.2020

Very happy with Genomia, competent services and a quick result!

anonymously, 4.12.2019

Excellent Service , nothing to improve.

anonymously, 15.11.2019

Extremely fast results and competitive pricing ... I'll use again definately when the need arises!

anonymously, 25.9.2019

Excellent fast, secure service. Easy to follow instructions for tests. Fast processing for results. Information was available via email and mail. Perfect for documentation purposes.

anonymously, 12.9.2019

Very pleased. Will be using this for future tests.

anonymously, 19.8.2019

This was one of the easiest things I have ever done. Prompt response and results. All my questions were answered. Thank you.

Karin Bisschops, 13.8.2019

I wouldn't know. In my opinion it can not better or faster!

Nina Ingvaldsen, 9.8.2019

I am very satisfied with the service from Genomia and the speed of my order processing.

Amanda Mcirvine, 29.7.2019

I have used Genomia for a few years now and have always been very satisified with the service,staff very friendly,helpful and test results are fast so dont need any better because already brilliant x

anonymnously, 19.7.2019

Excellent service and very fast results at a good price. Many thanks! I will use your laboratory again .

Daniela Schinko, 21.6.2019

Perfekt Service, very fast and friendly.

anonymously, 18.6.2019

I think you are great!

anonymously, 13.6.2019

For now we have no suggestions :-)

LAITHIER, 7.6.2019

really fast results

anonymously, 6.6.2019

Everything has been to our satisfaction.

Wendy Richardson, 15.5.2019

Super happy with service thank you.

anonymnously, 30.4.2019

Your service is very good. I think you cannot make it better.

anonymously, 26.3.2019

The services I received are excellent! The staff was very helpful and polite when I had questions. I highly recommend Genomia.

anonymnously, 6.3.2019

I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of submitting a sample and getting results in a timely manner since I was submitting from Canada. It was a wonderful experience and I would/will gladly use this lab again!

Birgitte Jacobsen, 26.2.2019

very Good service and resultat

Kelly Diamond, 20.2.2019

Was happy with the service it was carried out quickly and results sent to me via email and were very easy to understand.

anonymously, 15.2.2019

I found at Genomia a team of professionals, they work very fast, they keep contact with the clients all the time. Super team!

anonymously, 4.1.2019

I felt the turn around time for this test was very good considering that I am located in the USA. It was very easy to order and pay for the test.

Jill Philpott, 22.12.2018

Genomia are the quickest & the most efficient of any of the health testing websites I have used.

anonymously, 14.12.2018

Excellent fast service. Recommend.

anonymously, 30.11.2018

You are doing a very good job already :-)

anonymously, 23.11.2018

Everything was ok and I am very satisfied. Thank you very much.

anonymously, 20.11.2018

Genomia is the most flexible and helpful laboratory we work with. Thank you.

Katarzyna Kunikowska, 1.11.2018

"You do not need to improve. They are at a high level."

anonymously, 25.10.2018

happy with it all, including the results, speed in processing was exceptional

anonymously, 24.10.2018

I am very glad to see your representatives at the European Championship!

anonymously, 21.9.2018

"Very effective service . Very experienced stuff and updated molecular techniques involved ! Would be great to work with Genomia again in the near future ! Thank you "

anonymously, 6.9.2018

"absolutely perfect service, even if sample was not good enough because heat weather - second possibility to test was in very quickly time realised! many thanx!!"

anonymously, 30.8.2018

I think, that the service you provide is perfect - communication, processing.. everything is just fine. If I have to - I will surely use Genomia again.

Christine Brooks, 8.8.2018

Markéta has been very imformative has answers my queries re IVDD very promptly. I would highly recommend this lab.

anonymously, 13.7.2018

Nothing needed, everything was straightforward and efficient, thank you.

anonymously, 13.6.2018

Everything is fine !

anonymnously, 21.5.2018

All is great.

anonymnously, 11.5.2018

I think the service as it is, is exceptionally good.

Anette Aaris-Larsen, 8.5.2018

You are so helpful an professional.

anonymnously, 12.3.2018

Great support

anonymnously 13.2.2018

Very great service!! Helpfully people and fast results!! I will choose genomia also next time!!!

anonymnously 13.2.2018

Very helpful and extremely professional thank you.

anonymnously, 31.1.2018

Very good cooperation!

Sam Goldber, 31.1.2018

Very speedy service and good at communication.

Helena Tomkahazy-Hajek, 29.1.2018

Very satisfied with the services of Genomia. The ordering and the processing is easy, the stuff is always helpful by any questions.

Claudia Weber, 23.1.2018

"Wir können uns keine Möglichkeit vorstelllen,wie sie ihren Service verbessern könnten. Ihre Arbeit war sehr, sehr schnell und professionell, ebenso der freundliche Kontakt.

Vielen Dank"

Homburg, 23.1.2018

Super freundlich und hilfsbereit, schnelle Antwort auf alle Fragen.

anonymously, 23.1.2018

Very good

BKH Zucht of Colourpoint, 12.1.2018

I was very satisfied with their service. Very nice contact, please keep it up! Best regards, BKH breeding of Colourpoint

Jennifer Davis, 3.8.2018

Genomia has been a fantastic resource for finding out the sexes of our tenrec babies. The process is so simple and fast! I'm so glad I found this company and will definitely recommend them to others in the animal field.

anonymously, 18.12.2017

Very professional and fast sample processing.

Malgo Zwiercan-Kociuba, 14.12.2017

absolutely perfect - thank you!

anonymously, 14.12.2017

Alles super, besser geht es nicht.

anonymously, 1.12.2017

Great service will be recommending your company to others.

anonymously, 16.11.2017

"The service was quick & the results were emailed to me quickly The paperwork prints as proof a couple of days later as opted for. Communication was quick also when i emailed. I have used this company before so would of course use again. I would be interested in any new tests that are relevant to me & wouldn't hesitate to use Genomia's services again I would & have recommended this company Thank you for your service "

anonymously, 15.11.2017

It's all very well

anonymously, 14.11.2017

Your service is great :)

anonymously, 10.11.2017

I can't think of ways to improve your service, it was very fast and professional. Thank you.

Eleftheria, 2.11.2017

"Thank you for everything. the staff was very polite and they help me a lot. Very very quick answer for my test. you are very organized and you have professional services at your lab. helpuful and understanding web site. "

anonymously, 2.11.2017

Your service and your team is always perfect. Thank you

no name, 16.10.2017

You are the best already :)

no name, 29.9.2017

Your services are very professional and i was very pleased with the communication with the laboratory ‘s staff. Thank you. I weel keep using your services.

no name, 19.9.2017

An excellent service, easy process and speedy results - thank you

Racheal Bailey, 12.8.2017

I have always found Genomia staff helpful and very responsive. The email service is always quick. Thank you

Makayla Dye, 11.8.2017

Half way across the world but really fast once they got the samples!

Paolo Angeli, 10.8.2017

You are all wonderful, kind and helpful. All of you have helped me step by step. You are perfect. There is nothing to improve. Bravi!

Jacqueline Mclellan, 3.8.2017

Great service

no name, 31.7.2017

all perfect ! congratulation

Alyson Revens, 11.7.2017

Very fast reliable sevice, perfect thanks

Malin, 30.6.2017

Im so pleased with god service and help when i had problems with payment. Thanks for guiding me and Quick answer . I Will deffinitly use your services again and recommend you to My friends.

Crisan Claudia, 23.6.2017

I am very pleased, I am happy with your services, I have no sugestion for you, you are very profesional!

Karoliina Suomalainen, 23.6.2017

Just keep up the professional and good work, everything from customer service to explanations with results are excellent!

Damir Markov, 16.6.2017

All is perfect,excellent comunications,fast services,nothing to change!!!

Rebecca Cristina Höy Villar, 7.6.2017

I must say you are the best laboratory so far!!! Very fast, very helpfull, with a lot of possibilities of payment!!! I really liked it! In less then 1 week i got the result! WOW

no name, 17.5.2017

Very satisfied with service. No complaints.

Rodrigo Pinto, 18.4.2017

Excelent . No Idea how you could do it Better

no name, 5.4.2017

Brilliant service, so easy to use and fast turn around.

Ekaterina Valova, 25.3.2017

I'm pleased with your service and results.

no name, 22.3.2017

Very fast and easy.

Hanna Persson, 23.2.2017

Im happy with you service, fast answer and friendlyness! Dont have anything bad to say.

Schultz, 3.1.2017

At the moment , it is perfect. Thank you

no name, 2.1.2017

I'm very satisfied your services. It is not the first genetic test but I know it isn't the last. The lab is very fast, reliable and fair.

no name, 2.1.2017

I have tried several different laboratories both in EU and outside and l think you are very quick and have a high level of service, l especially like the PayPal paying option and that l do it when l send the tests in and not in advance and that my VAT can be deduced when purchasing. So in my opinion everything is already good!

no name, 21.12.2016

Thank you for such quick lab results! So glad we found your lab.

Liz Bradborn. 13.12.2016

Hi, I was very impressed with how easy it is it input data in to your website to order tests, and also the speed at which the tests were carried out. The pricing is extremely competitive and the service is as good as I could have hoped for. Before using you I have always used Laboklin as I'm based in the UK, and I was cautious sending the samples abroad for testing, but you charge approximately half of what they do and you have provided a perfect service. I have been very pleasantly surprised & I will certainly be using you again, and recommending you. Thanks again.

no name, 24.11.2016

Very happy with the easy of ordering and speed of results. Quality service offered.

Weronika, 3.11.2016

sample + payment - very clear , service - very fast and friendly laboratory staff

Ellen Balk, 3.11.2016

Service is the best!

Leanne Gerrard, 24.10.2016

Genomia services were fantastic, really quick and easy to do. Will definatley be recommending you , thanks again

Jay Johnson, 13.10.2016

I have had 6 of my Dogs tested so far, I am very satisfied with customer service, -Lucie is wonderful. We get our test back faster than we would doing them in our own County, Very Happy *

Sibylle Siegele, 6.10.2016

When I was putting my order thru the prices and the total that came up were not correct after I discharged one order (combination for ICT and PRA), but when I came to the payment section the total price was correct and I was able to continue the payment. Maybe you check this on your website. Besides that I was very satisfied with the service you provided and will recommend you to my breeder friends.

no name, 27.9.2016

The service is as good as it gets and I have used them all.

Casandra, 26.9.2016

Only be more clear when the consumer shall pay the fee for the test. I sorted it out trough email and got answers from there otherwise you are great!! Will recommend you!

Agnieszka, 26.9.2016

Not think it is possiblle all work very well ☺

Anette Fritzon, 26.9.2016

Very easy to order

Very easy to use

Very easy to make payment

Very quick answer

Thank you!!

(I work in the pharmaceutical industry and know about quality assurance and sampling, testing and reporting with traceability)

Sarina, 13.9.2016

Its perfect.

Madeline Knight, 12.9.2016

I am unable to suggest any improvements to your service, as I am totally satisfied.

Keren Mintz, 6.9.2016

You did great impression when we meet you in the WDS in Moscow and did even better when we have put our order and sent the things!
I wish more companies would learn from you ...... We will for sure recomend you to others and keep working with you when ever we would need
Would be happy to know if you have any genetic health test for salukis at the moment or the future. THANK YOU !!!!

No name, 10.8.2016

Couldn't be better.

Kirsten Klitsgaard, 28.7.2016

I Think your service is in top.

Pia Hansen, 24.7.2016

I think you service is the best, from I send you my sample to I resevide the answar there was only going 7 days, and there were a weekend between :-) And when I write to you, I got answar very quick :-) :-)

Irina, 5.7.2016

Really liked the work of Genome Laboratory. The friendly, professional staff. Fast production test results. We are pleased to once again appeal to the Genome !!!!!!

Rachea, 29.6.2016

I was very pleased that I found genomia for the health testing I required. Their prices are good, dealing with them simple and results via email quickly, efficiently and simplistic.

Ellen Balk, 1.6.2016

As always very satisfied!

Taly, 3.5.2016

I'm very satisfied and very good service Thank you ;)

Mrs Smeeeth, 13.4.2016

I have used genomia many times for my dogs health testing and have found it to be a fast and efficient company I recommend to all my breeder friends. Thank you agai.

Annelies van Steenbergen, 1.4.2016

No comments, happy with how everything went.

Jenna, 30.3.2016

Great service will definitely use again!!

Amy Ferrar, 23.3.2016

Great service will definitely use again!!

Lis, 22.2.2016

Your service is allready exellent.

Nina Kauhanen, 5.2.2016

Just start to test Adult Onset Neuropathy, for English Cockerspaniels, and I´m 100 % , that u have the best developed, and most effective laboratory.

Bente Michaelsen, 13.1.2016

I'm very satisfied with all Your Services.