Genomia sperm bank

Basic information about the cryopreservation of canine sperm in Genomia sperm bank

The Genomia sperm bank produces cryopreserved insemination doses (deep frozen).



Semen collection

The semen collection is the first step of the whole process of production of frozen insemination doses. The semen is collected by veterinarians from the veterinary clinic Vedilab in Pilsen we cooperate with. The sperm collection is made via manual massage that is a painless and pleasant method for most of the dogs. If your dog has never undergone a semen collection, we recommend that a female in oestrus is present during the semen collection; otherwise the collection may not be successful. However, if the dog has experience in semen collection, the presence of an oestrous teaser bitch is not required. The collection which is done prior to the whole process of semen freezing is to be planned at least two weeks in advance via phone communication. Please call us or send us an email message with basic information and your phone number. We will contact you and agree on all details. To increase the yield of the insemination doses the collection is made twice with a short interval between the collections (interval of approx. 30 minutes). And during this waiting time, we can complete together the documents required. (Information for future semen collection by other veterinarian). It is necessary for cryopreservation of the sperm that the dog is not used for reproductive purposes for at least one month or two months when the dog is used for mating more frequently. The ejaculate collection is the only step in the whole process you should attend. The whole „action” will not last more than one hour.


Transport, analysis, freezing (cryopreservation)

The collected ejaculate is transported to our laboratory, where a detailed analysis of the semen is performed. If the semen meets the minimum requirements for the semen suitable for freezing, the processing is continued. Upon analysis the ejaculate is treated with a special diluent (extender) that protects the semen from damage due to very low temperatures. The diluted ejaculate is filled into thoroughly identified sperm straws where the insemination doses are stored. This step is followed by freezing that is finished by putting the insemination doses into liquid nitrogen where they are stored until the moment you decide to use them. One sperm straw is unfrozen 24 hours after freezing and is used to evaluate whether the cryopreservation was successful. Now, the cryopreservation can be considered successful and you will receive a report of the semen quality and number of the insemination doses stored.


Usage of cryopreserved semen dose

You can use the insemination doses of your dog at any time or, for example, you can transfer them. The transport of the insemination doses in liquid nitrogen requires a special approach, so inform us please sufficiently in advance.


Benefits of natural reproduction and insemination

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