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Test can be made from the blood inserted into EDTA tubes (sufficient quantity is 100 to 200 µl of blood) or from feathers.


Bird infection APV (BFD) + PBFD complex test

Before you bring a new bird to your home it is important to know its health to avoid possible disease transmission to your bird breeding. Genomia lab can test APV (Avian polyomavirus known also as BFD = Budgerigar fledgling disease) and PBFD (Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease). These are very dangerous and fatal bird infections, they mean a real threat for bird breeding.

To clinically examine a bird for APV and PBFD can be very complicated. Actually, it is almost impossible to distinguish these two infections. Clinical diagnostic method has often problems in virus detection especially in sub-clinical "carrier" state. Now there is a molecular biology method - PCR duplex shutle - that can detect and distinguish polyomavirus and circovirus in one reaction (Ogawa et. al. 2005). Molecular biology method is much more sensitive than clinical diagnostic. It detects virus DNA in blood of a bird.

For analysis it is necessary to take blood samples only - from 100 to 200 µl of blood is enough. Take blood to EDTA collecting tubes. Results are ready in 5 days at the latest.



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Usual turnaround time: 5 business days
1 test price: 34.00 $ without VAT
Price for 6+ tests: 30.60 $ without VAT