Anonymous paternity test or how to remain anonymous ...

Genomia offers to our customers the possibility to do the paternity test anonymously. In case of anonymous paternity test, the laboratory communicates with the customer only per email and no consultations by phone or in person are possible. Laboratory does not require the names of persons to be tested or completion of the informed consent. The test report with results does not contain names of the person tested – it is used general designation father/offspring, the DNA profiles of the persons are not stated. The result only states the probability of paternity expressed as a percentage and verbal evaluation of paternity.


The degree of anonymity is left at the customer´s discretion. Here are some possibilities how to ensure the anonymity:

  • Communication with the laboratory via an unaddressed email
  • Sample collection kit delivery options (the kit is send in a white air  cushion envelope and it does not contain the identity of the sender)
    • The parcel can be sent to a P.O.Box rented by the customer
    • The parcel can be sent to a third party address
    • The customer can pick up the parcel in person in our laboratory or he/she can authorise a third person to pick up the parcel
  • Payment options for anonymous tests:
    • Depositing money into our account kept with Fio bank in the Czech Republic (IBAN: CZ74 2010 0000 0028 0012 1619, SWIFT (BIC): FIOBCZPPXXX, matching code = order number) – if the deposit is less than EUR 1000, the identification of the depositor is not required, the cash deposit fee is approx. EUR 3
    • Payment via a third person


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