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Usual turnaround time: 25 business days
1 test price: 5.00 $ without VAT

Dog parentage testing

If you order a paternity test for offsprings, a test of a SNP genetic profile at a price of Eur 68 (Eur 56.2 without VAT) will be included in your order automatically. The analysis of the genetic profile of an individual is necessary for paternity determination. The relationship of the individuals is determined by comparison of their genetic profiles. Genomia laboratory uses 231 SNP markers to determine the genetic profile in accordance with ISAG.

Parental testing is performed by comparison of genetic profiles of the animals tested – offspring, mother and farther. The proof of maternity and paternity is not clear unless the whole family is tested and compared.

To assess the relationship in the family – offspring, father, mother  – it is necessary to determine the genetic profile of all participants.  The results of parental testing are four certificates – three certificates with genetic profiles and one certificate with paternity verification.


Can I provide a genetic profile that has been already determined for the proof of paternity?

Instead of a sample for genetic profile determination, it is possible to submit an already determined genetic profile.  If one of the genetic profiles to be tested was determined in other laboratory, Genomia laboratory charges a fee of 6 Eur (incl. VAT) for processing the external genetic profile (you can find the fee in the price list for our services). External DNA profile should be delivered in PDF and CSV format.

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Usual turnaround time: 25 business days
1 test price: 5.00 $ without VAT