Testing of dogs: NAD in Spanish water dogs

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Neuroaxonal dystrophy (NAD) in Spanish water dogs

NAD is a recessively inherited disease. The disease develops in dogs which inherit the mutated gene from each parent.  These dogs are designated as P/P (positive/positive). The carriers of the mutated gene are designated as N/P (negative/positive). The carriers inherited the mutated gene from one parent only and are without clinical signs. However, they pass the disease on to their offspring.  When mating two heterozygotes (N/P), there will be theoretically 25% of the offspring healthy, 50% of the offspring will be carriers and 25% of the offspring will inherit the mutated gene from both parents and will be affected by NAD.  Mating one healthy dog (N/N) with a carrier of this mutation (N/P) will theoretically produce 50% carriers and 50% healthy offspring.  If a carrier (N/P) is mated with an affected dog (P/P), there will be theoretically 50% affected dogs and 50% carriers.



Hahn, K., Rohdin, C., Jagannathan, V., Wohlsein, P., Baumgärtner, W., Seehusen, F., Spitzbarth, I., Grandon, R., Drögemüller, C., Jäderlund, K.H. : TECPR2 Associated Neuroaxonal Dystrophy in Spanish Water Dogs. PLoS One 10:e0141824, 2015. Pubmed reference: 26555167.

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Usual turnaround time: 7 business days
1 test price: 56.00 $ without VAT