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E Locus (Extension)

For an overview of dog coat color hierarchy continue to the article Introduction into coat color in dogs.

The expression of E locus is affected by MC1R gene that is located on the canine chromosome 5. Within E locus, the allele as stated below are known:

  • E – dominant, original so-called wild type allele (non-mutated form), allows the dog to produce a pigment called Eumelanin, i.e., dark brown to black melanin. To obtain this coat colour, the dog must have genotype E/E or E/e.
  • e – recessive allele caused by mutation c.916C>T, and results in loss of function of MC1R-gene, is responsible for production of yellow pigment called Pheomelanin, i.e., resulting in bright red to yellow coat colour. The e/e genotype is the most recessive one, but epistatic, i.e., prevents the expression of the loci K and A.

If the allele is dominant, the offspring must inherit this allele only from one parent to get this coat colour. The recessive e allele is expressed if it is inherited from each parent.


Other alleles on locus E that are not determined by this test:


Other alleles known at E locus, however not tested in Genomia laboratory:

  • In Australian Cattle dogs, e1 and e2 alleles that cause pale red colour has been discovered.
  • e3 or e-del allele has been described in Nordic breeds (e.g., Siberian husky). If a dog bears two such alleles or one of these alleles and one e-allele, then the coat colour expression can vary from yellow or red colouring to more subtle differences as apricot, cream and white.
Example of e/e dog:

Locus E - genotype e/e


What is the relationship of E-locus to A and K loci? Continue and have a look at the dominance hierarchy of allele affecting the coat colour in dogs.

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Usual turnaround time: 12 business days
1 test price: 49.00 $ without VAT