Genetic tests for cats of breed: Maine Coons

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Outside of EU
Czech Republic
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Test Common price
Blood Group DNA test Blood and cheek swab samples. 49.00 $
HCM in Maine Coon HCM in Maine Coon cats - detetion of Meurs mutation (A31P) 49.00 $
PK deficiency for more cat breeds 49.00 $
PKD Polycystic kidney disease - persian and exotic Persian-outcrossed breeds are in the highest risk of feline PKD due to frequent inbreeding. 42.00 $
SMA Spinal muscular atrophy in Maine Coon cats 49.00 $
HCM (MCO) + PKD + PK def + SMA
139.00 $

Cat coat color and quality

Test Common price
Locus A Agouti locus 49.00 $
Locus B feline chocolate, cinnamon coat color 49.00 $
Locus C Colour point restriction - siam, burma allele 49.00 $
Locus D feline color dilution 49.00 $
Long Hair test of FGF5-gene variants 60.00 $
Lokus B + Lokus D
for lila coat color determination 79.00 $

Profiling and parentity

Test Common price
DNA banking We offer cat DNA banking service. We preserve DNA for 10 years! 22.00 $
Genetic profile DNA Genetic profile is in accordance to ISAG 51.00 $
Parentage to the genetic profile - for young 5.00 $

Pathogen detection by PCR method

Test Common price
Chlamydophila felis detection by RT-PCR 34.00 $
FeLV - real time PCR test Qualitative real time PCR test for detection of Feline Leukemia Virus presence 36.00 $
FHV-1 Feline Herpes Virus Qualitative PCR test for detection presence of FHV-1 in cats. 34.00 $
FIP - PCR test of FCoV Qualitative PCR test for detection presence of feline coronavirus in cats. 36.00 $
FIV - real time PCR test Qualitative real time PCR test for detection of Feline Immunodeficiency Virus presence 36.00 $
FeLV + FIV + FCoV - PCR tests
3 PCR tests from one sample 88.00 $

Alergy tests

Test Common price
Sarcoptes allergens - cat - NEXT+ technology 50.00 $

Imunology tests

Test Common price
AB Blood Group - serological test For Czech citizens only. 34.00 $