Genetic tests for dogs of breed: Australian Shepherd

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There are many theories about the origin of the Aussie (Australian Shepherds). However, it is dead certain that it comes from the USA and not from Australia as indicates the name of the breed. The creation of this breed has been mainly influenced by dogs of Basque sheepherders, who came to America from Australia. The Indians called the Australian Shepherds as Ghost-Eye dogs.  Aussie eyes ma y be any shade of black, green, blue, brown, marbled...  or they may have two different coloured eyes.  The dogs may have any eye colour irrespective of the colour of the coat. You can find more information about breed and genetics of coat colors at separate website.

Test Common price
CD Cone Degeneration in several dog breeds 54.00 $
CEA* Collie Eye Anomaly 54.00 $
CMR1 CMR1 – Canine multifocal retinopathy type 1 in Great Pyrenees, English Mastiffs, Bullmastiffs, Cane Corso, Dogue de Bordeaux, English Bulldog, American Bulldog, Pero se Presa Canario and Australian shepherds! 42.00 $
DM* (SOD1A) Degenerative Myelopathy - detection of SOD1A (tested by partner lab) 54.00 $
HC - Shepherds HC - hereditary cataract for Australian and American Shepherds 42.00 $
Hyperuricosuria Hyperuricosuria in several dog breeds 45.00 $
Malignant Hyperthermia MH - Malignant Hyperthermia for all breeds 54.00 $
MDR1 MDR1 gene defect - Rough Collie, Smooth Collie, Shetland Sheepdog, Australian Sheepdog, Wäller, Bobtail, Border Collie, Longhaired whippet, White Swiss Shepherd Dog 54.00 $
NCL6 Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis 6 in Australian Shepherds 54.00 $
PRA-prcd progressive rod-cone degeneration 50.00 $
test combination for Shepherds 90.00 $
test combination for Shepherds 128.00 $
test combination for Shepherds 90.00 $
test combination HC + PRA for Shepherds 90.00 $
90.00 $
DM (SOD1A) + MH + HU
test combination for many dog breeds 128.00 $
CEA* + MDR1 test
The CEA test is performed by a partner lab 90.00 $
test combination for dogs 120.00 $
test combination for Shepherds 120.00 $
test combination for dogs 90.00 $
CD + CMR1 + NCL6
test combination for Australian Shepherds 128.00 $

Dog coat color and quality

Test Common price
Coat length FGF5 general test of coat lenght in dogs 54.00 $
Locus A Agouti locus 38.00 $
Locus B aussie - c.555T>G variant a variant specific for Australian Shepherds 30.00 $
Locus B canine Locus B - Brown 38.00 $
Locus D canine (allele d1) Locus D - Dilution causing by allele d1 38.00 $
Locus E Locus E - Extension - detection of recessive variant e 38.00 $
Locus K Locus K 38.00 $
Locus M (Merle) 54.00 $
Shedding MC5R 45.00 $
Short Tail - Bob Tail naturally occurring short-tail in several dog breeds 50.00 $
White spotting MITF gene analysis 38.00 $
Furnishing - Shedding
RSPO2 and MC5R genes 75.00 $
Locus A + B + D + E + K
Premium combined test colors. 170.00 $
Locus B aussie
complete brown coat color test for Australian Shepherds - 4 variants of the TYRP1 gene 52.00 $
Locus D canine alleles d1 and d2
Locus D - combi-test of alleles d1 and d2 70.00 $

Profiling and parentity

Test Common price
CaniLine Breed Identity Analysis 99.00 $
DNA banking We offer dog DNA banking service. We preserve DNA for 10 years! 15.00 $
Genetic profile (ISAG) The determination of genetic profile in accordance to ISAG means determination of a set of genetic markers that are characteristic and unmistakable for the given individual (such as, for example, fingerprints of people). 39.00 $
Genetic profile - additional panel Ordering not possible
Parentage to the genetic profile - for young Recommend blood samples for paternity testing. 1.50 $

Pathogen detection by PCR method

Test Common price
CHV - Canine Herpes Virus Qualitative PCR test for detection presence of CHV in dogs. 32.00 $
Dirofilariasis PCR detection of heartworm 38.00 $

Alergy tests

Test Common price
After screening: Grasses and Weeds allergen panel - dog 43.00 $
After screening: Indoor panel - dog 43.00 $
After screening: Trees allergen panel - dog 43.00 $
Environmental and food allergens - dog Complete allergology test for dogs - Detection of dog IgE and IgG antibodies against allergens pollen grasses and trees, molds, mites, parasites and food 167.00 $
Environmental indoor and outdoor allergens - dog Detection of dog IgE antibodies against allergens pollen grasses and trees, molds, mites and parasites 99.00 $
Flea allergens - dog Detection of dog IgE antibodies against flea allergens 35.00 $
Food allergens Detection of dog IgE and IgG antibodies against food allergens 88.00 $
Malassezia allergens - dog 35.00 $
Sarcoptes allergens - dog 35.00 $
Screening complete - dog 62.00 $
Screening environmental allergens - dog 39.00 $
Screening food allergens - dog 39.00 $


Test Common price
Molecular analysis of clonality of B and T lymphocytes 145.00 $
PCR analysis of c-kit mutations 158.00 $